10 Best Bathroom Hacks

ikeahackers.net - designed by Marloes van Heteren of SOLUZ and Remco Wilcke of CUBE architecten

Are those vases as bricks turn room divider?  Um, yup! And certainly one of my most favorite (and extravagant) IKEA hacks yet.  It inspired me to round-up some of the best bathroom hacks for a post this week which for your information includes an IKEA salad bowl (yup) as a sink to a kitchen skimmer (utensil) as a very cool soap dish!  Some good stuff! Check out the post over at Babble here!

Jan Halvarson


Tulips & Tulle said...


I’d love it if you would stop by Tulips&Tulle sometime!

Danie at Pasadya said...

UM, awesome!!

Anonymous said...

That tub looks like heaven! I want and I need!


Adalbert said...

Are those vases as bricks turn room divider? Um, yup! ... dividercube.blogspot.com