Kelly Lynn Jones Loves California

And so do we after looking at her newest collection of photographs that are large format black and whites.  10 photographs, two editions. 36 x 36in ($40each) and 8.5 x 11in ($35each) , both in editions of 50, all hand numbered and signed.  Kelly Lynn explains:

I can’t lie, I love California.  There is a beauty within the landscape that words cannot describe.  Staring off into the Pacific, there is a stillness that permeates through my body letting me truly be present in that moment.  I attempted to capture this in this collection of photographs.
See the collection at Little Paper Planes!

Jan Halvarson


Tulips & Tulle said...

These look fab!

I’d love it if you would stop by Tulips&Tulle sometime!

Danie at Pasadya said...

That photography is so stunning. Thanks for sharing. :)

Kris and Corissa said...

These are gorgeous!! I love a good photograph!