Dispatches from Austin: Big Red Sun

Contributor post by Tracy Castro of Fair Morning Blue

{Today we welcome our newest contributor hailing from Austin, Texas, Tracy Castro of Fair Morning Blue.  Tracy a talented designer in her own right, will be writing our "Dispatches from Austin" featuring cool shops, artists/designers and all things Texas! Please help us welcome her and her first post}!

Big Red Sun is a full service landscape and garden design studio here in Austin. They plan, install and maintain modern yet native landscapes for residential and commercial clients around town. They are also home to a sweet boutique and nursery in East Austin. Even if you don't have grand plans to install an amazing landscape in the near future - it's worth a visit here just for the inspiration, the charming planters and the nursery.

I love these enormous pieces of recycled slag glass that Big Red Sun uses in many of its installations. I also love that they have playfully renamed it "French Kryptonite." That sounds so much better than slag glass, doesn't it?

These handsome little stripy pots are hand made in Los Angeles by Ester Studios. Wouldn't they make perfect homes for these succulents?

Here is a closeup of a knitted doe from the first photo above. They were made in 2006 by Houston artist Elaine Bradford - she describes them as "crossbreeding a doe with your grandmother's afghan" - my favorite kind of taxidermy!

I love spending time in Big Red Sun's nursery. It is such a peaceful and inspiring spot. Now I feel like taking my decorating outdoors and creating a lovely, modern, native Texas space for my daughters to romp around in this spring!

1311 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, Texas 78702


Tracy Castro - a designer and rural Texas Panhandle native - has called Austin home for the last sixteen years. Tracy's new design venture, Fair Morning Blue, features seasonal cards, hand-stamped textiles, and whatever other whimsies come into her head and heart. Find Tracy on her blog, facebook, or twitter.

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Danie at Pasadya said...

Wow. Coolest landscaping company I've seen!

anamanzana said...

just went there yesterday. bought 3 succelents for myhome in fort worth, but could have bought so much more...especially the big ol' shell pots.

abby said...

Love the post. I'm heading to Austin this weekend and I was planning on stopping by anyway. I love this place.

Madeline said...

very cool. Ill have to check this place out.