Cool Decorating Trick No. 27: Washi Tape Bedrooms

Flipping through the latest issue of Livingetc., I came across this cool decorating trick from the home of Sandrine Ziegler-Munck & Herve Munck.  Sandrine who apparantly and obviously has an eye for placing quirky original touches against a simple neutral background, came up with the idea to attach strips of neon masking tape taking their bedrooms from neutral to energizing.  Note the two colours!  Makes me want to get out the tape and start washi taping my home!

Also noteworthy, their dining room wall artwork (below).  A giant print of "A Wedding Banquet in Yport by Albert Fourie" and then covered in coated fabric with circles cut out.  (Original photos by Julien Fernandez for Livingetc. April 2012). 

Jan Halvarson


Lelanie said...

This idea is too clever. I love the simplicity of it. It just goes to show, that a little ingenuity can really go a long way.

Unknown said...

That idea is so clever and simple and makes a wonderful impact--score!

paislea said...

oh yes, i love this!!! washi tape is so much fun!

drop by allister bee soon!