Behind-the-Scenes at The Cross' Spring/Summer Shoot

Hello! Janis here, from Pinecone Camp.  I was recently part of a huge shoot for the lovely shop The Cross, and wanted to share it with everyone. It was quite the production. Stephanie Vogler and Megan Close booked part of Hycroft Mansion, a stunning heritage building, and loaded it with their beautiful new furniture and accessories for Spring/Summer 2012. Here's a look....

Clothes were brought in by stylist Katharine Horsman.

Katharine prepping Colleen, who kindly agreed to model for us, and Jeremy Grice shooting the video. Such a great team of people to work with. Love these beautiful necklaces by Leah Alexander.

The movers, Callum and Carrington, were fantastic. They moved all the furniture, and then again, when we decided it wasn't in the right spot. They deserve a medal. ;)

Love the colour combo going on here. 

I've shot at Hycroft Mansion before, but it never smelled this good! 

Trying to shoot outside proved to be a bit crazy. It couldn't have been more windy, so Stephanie stepped in to try and block the wind a bit. 

A beautiful combo of coral and lavender shades. 

Lunch time.

Playing with books and teacups. 

Jeremy setting up a shot, while Stephanie and Megan change up the set. 

Nothing says Spring and Summer like citrus colours. Love all the yellow. 

Colleen being arranged by Katharine, while Stephanie places the various cushions.

A pretty and inviting setting.

A perfect way to wrap up the shoot. Doughnuts, ribbon and beautiful cake plates. I can't tell you how delicious those doughnuts were. 

That's it for the pics, but if you'd like to see a short clip of the video, click here. If you want to get a bit more info on some of these products, go to their online shop, here. If you're in the Vancouver area, lucky can just drop on in.

All images by Janis Nicolay.

Jan Halvarson


Donaville Herrick said...

Beautiful shoot. I would want to be the person who's in charge of taking bites out of food ;)

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Gorgeous! Love everything and all of the fresh colour mixed throughout! Looking forward to getting a closer look in the store very soon :)

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

Oh, it's just all so gorgeous, like looking at a modern day fairytale in the making.

Anonymous said...
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Hanlie Joubert said...

so beautiful! love the bed scene!

sandycai said...

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kickpleat said...

Just gorgeous, Janis!! I LOVE that bed. Stunning :)

Pinecone Camp said...

Donaville, we all wanted that job!

Meesh, it definitely had that "fairytale" feel going on. I felt like a real lady in there!

Kickpleat, that bed was so comfortable too. Colours are so pretty.

PinkPanthress said...

Adore this, Janis!
Beautiful works from you, as always. :)

Rendell said...

Beautiful pics...I'm fortunate enought to live just around the corner from The Cross, so I get to pop in on a regular basis. Nice folks over there.

Kreetta said...

Such a beautiful place!

Kate said...

A lovely setting & I love the use of cooer through out the images. you must be very pleased with the results!