Weekend Project: Paint or Not Paint Using Masking Tape

I saw this DIY idea on the Scandinavian Deko site advertising their new print magazine Deko. This project has a few ideas I'm interpreting.  One is to paint a canvas striped (top image) using masking tape as a guide and the other (the triangles) could use the same technique to create a cool wall border of sorts.  Then of course as I get thinking, one could do this using some Japanese masking tape (sans the paint) and less permanent.  Perfect idea for a rental.  Tricky - but with some thinking and skill involved; it could be an ace project!  If anyone attempts such an idea, please send pictures!

Jan Halvarson


Punctuation Mark said...

i like the idea of the japanese tape... Hope you're having a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I can see the possibilities! Diamonds, stripes, zigzags.... Black and white would certainly be a statement!