Real Living - March

Photo: Tia Borgsmidt/Retro Villa

The March Real Living popped into my iPad this weekend and to be honest I've never been more excited about reading a magazine since the Domino days.  I truly love this publication with it's "real living" spaces and ideas. Like this bench seating (above) from the home of architect and artist Line Juhl Hansen and family.  I love how they made the homemade backrests held in place with leather straps.  Cool decorating trick!

Photo: Tony Amos | Styling: Erin Michael

Or this super storage idea made from handmade Tasmanian oak shadow boxes (from Bonnie and Neil) –but which they suggest could be made by just finding some recycled wooden boxes which one could then stencil or glue a strip of wallpaper to the back of.  Full room pic below with more storage ideas.

Photo: Tony Amos | Styling: Erin Michael

Photo: Martin Lof/Living Inside | Styling: Gill Renlunnk/Living Inside

And heaps of personality show up here in this living space feautring white paint, lots of light and a collection of vintage furniture and accessories.

Photo: Martin Lof/Living Inside | Styling: Gill Renlunnk/Living Inside
 An adorable kitchen

Photo: Brigitta Wolfgang Drejer/Sisters Agency
 A collection of different sized logs makes for an interesting coffee table idea.

Photo: Chris Warnes/Warnes and Walton | Styling Natalie Walton
And a quaint little vignette made up of bookcases made from reclaimed French elm (beside a Grant Featherston "R160 Contour chair) recovered in grey wool.

Another thing that I love about this magazine is the quantity of ideas.  So many pages it seems in comparison to what we're used to here in N. America.  Get your digital copy via magshop.

Jan Halvarson


Leslie said...

Ooh Real Living truly is the highlight of my month! It is fantastic...I have to pick up mine from the newsagent but from your post looks like its another fab issue.

Mr Yen said...

I love the coffee table logs - great idea! ^_^

h. said...

One of the few things done well here in Australia is magazines!
I get my Real Living delivered - much prefer leafing slowly through a hard copy than reading digital!

(Also, these captchas are ridiculously illegible or not working - I can't count how many times I had to enter the words, almost frustrating enough to want to leave!)

Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

Drool...this mag looks fab!!! The underbed storage is genius and I love the log/mirror table...Loving your post on Tender Loving Empire too, would love to visit Portland!x

Unknown said...

I love the wall box storage, have always wanted to make some of those for myself with the paper inside!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

Unknown said...

niiice. the home-made backrest is really nifty and all those storage ideas - thanks.

Lady Grey said...

Oh wow, those rooms are all gorgeous.... love those tree stump coffee tables.

mariana said...

Love this magazine and have been trying to get it forever. How are you able to get a digital copy via magshop? I tried but only gives me option for hardcopy ?

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Mariana,

You have to download the app from itunes and then it gives you the option.

Anonymous said...

oh how awesome. I am totally going to check this mag out.

Unknown said...

I love every image, everyone have so much inspiration and ideas, is great!.

Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

Thanks for the introduction to this mag Jan! I just checked out their site and I'm looking forward to seeing more!!

Pinecone Camp said...

This is still my fave mag. Love it so much. Thanks for the peek!

Jan Halvarson said...

Your welcome Rosa - hope you like it!

Annika said...

The second image inspired me to buy the same thing! thanks for sharing!:)

matkashop said...

Beautiful Blog!

Unknown said...

Hello Jan,
Great post, thank you for sharing.
Did you add the script caption on the first and the fifth images? I am desperately trying to find a good "handwriting" typefont because my handwriting is awful. If so, could you tell me where to find it? It would be much appreciated!