Lucky Juju Pacific Pinball Museum

Guest post by Alix Tyler of Modern Kiddo.

In Alameda, California (just outside of San Francisco) there is a super duper awesome place. It's called the Lucky Juju Pacific Pinball Museum and friends, lemme tell you, this place is FANTASTIC. You step inside and are met with a bells clangin', flipper slappin', lights flashing world of glory. There are over 90 playable, historic pinball machines—some of the machines date back to the 1930s (complete with wooden flippers) and the graphics on all of them are totally incredible. Grab yer quarters friends and let's take a look!

Can you imagine? Everyone inside the place has a perm-grin plastered on their face. You pay a flat admission fee and all the machines are set to unlimited play. It was hard to know which to try first. I was pretty taken with these psychedelic 60s beauties.

I'm not bad at pinball, but I have to say some of the games were deceptively tricky. Like this lil sweetie:

I can't lie, The Majorettes kicked my booty—all with a sweet little smile on their faces. You really have to work for those points on the old games. It seems like the new games you get a hundred thousand points just for showing up. These oldies have you workin' your fingers to the bone, slapping the flippers frantically.....all to earn 400 points. I was working up a sweat, friends. But you know what? I totally can't wait to go back. Get ready Majorettes....yer goin' down.

Visit Lucky Juju Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda, California.

Alix Tyler
Modern Kiddo.

Jan Halvarson


Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

This place is indeed flippin' cool! wish we had stuff like this here in the uk...the only pub i knew that had a pinball machine got rid of it! was a little heartbroken!x

Mercedes said...

Wauw! This is so cool! When it was my six´th birthday, my parents bought a very antique pinball machine (not very sure from when but maybe the 40´s)it was a horse race theme and had only three point markers and numbers that would role on an axis. I absolutely adored it and was very good in playing, because I would go to a bar with my parents where they every half a year changed the pinball machine. I would look for lost coins on the ground and sometimes I got lucky, finding a coin for two or three games.
Great post!

Kiss Kiss Mercedes

Jan Halvarson said...

Mercedes - cool story!