Displaying Spring Branches

Photographs by Mikkel Vang | Styling by Cynthia Kling.

I came across these pages over the weekend while looking for images for my post on Domino that I published yesterday - and thought they were worth mentioning because the idea is perfect for this time of year. I've written about displaying spring branches before, and I love the idea of forcing them a little, so spring comes a bit early inside (after all the grey days that winter brings). Images from Domino Magazine- March 2006. 

A few tips the article offered:

choosing wisely: Look for branches that have some still-closed buds–the flowers will open in your house and they'll last longer.
making the cut: With a very sharp knife, trim branches at a 45 degree angle, then make slits in the bottoms for added water absorption
keeping them fresh: Use a flower food like Floralife, and change the water every three days. Recutting the stems and keeping the arrangements out of direct sun and drafts will help them last about two weeks.  Here is a link I found on how to force branches.

Photographs by Mikkel Vang | Styling by Cynthia Kling.

Jan Halvarson


angie said...

Love this idea. I always bring branches from my forsythia and from the apple tree inside to force blooms, helps me to feel the warmer weather coming.

Emily Boyle Westbrooks said...

I always want to do this but we don't have any bushes of our own and I never know which branches to choose from the park ;)

Zane said...

they look lovely