Love DIY: Matchstick Beeswax Candles

Guest post by Margie Oomen of Resurrection Fern

Here is Margie Oomen's second DIY, Matchstick Beeswax Candles. These little candles look adorable packaged in matchboxes that you can customize using blackboard paint.

Matchstick Beeswax Candles

beeswax birthday candles
red beeswax (can be purchased at your local craft supply shop or online)

Take a little piece of red beeswax the size of a little fingertip into your warm hands. When it is moldable cover the tip of the candle with it, making sure not to cover the wick, yes so it looks like a match. Empty a matchbox and place some candle matches inside. If you want to you can customize a matchbox or matchbook by painting it with a few layers of blackboard paint and after 24 hrs writing a personal message with chalk. (See images below for examples).

Stay tuned for Margie's last DIY - (Psssst! the last image is a hint)!


Margaret Oomen, a rural physician and textile artist, has been a gatherer and maker of things for as far back as she can remember. Aside from a spinning and printmaking class, she is completely self-taught. She draws her inspiration from her treasure-hunting family, especially her father a mathematician and electrical engineer, her scientific (biochemistry and synthetic organic chemistry) and medical backgrounds, and her great respect and love of the natural world. Her work can be found at She lives in Ontario with her husband, four children, three cats and a snail named fern.


Jan Halvarson


Vintage Home said...

what a sweet idea!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

sweeter than sweet
and brilliant, obviously !
thanks Margie & Jan

Kathleen Maunder said...

Love Margie's crafts and her photos. Such great ideas. :)

Lady Grey said...

This is such a sweet idea! I just love it!

arounna said...

I love this!

Hege Morris said...

I just found your blog and love it! loads of cool ideas! thank you for sharing!