Valentine's DIY No. 1: Cute Packaging by Scout's Honor Co.

Guest post by Annemarie Buckley of Scout's Honor Co.

Today we're kicking off our Valentine's DIY series - where I've asked a few of my favourite artists, bloggers and stylists to create some fun DIY's for our readers!  I can't wait to share them with you and first off is this cute packaging idea from Annemarie Buckley of Scout's Honor Co. (a newly launched stationery studio based in Vermont).  Be sure to check out her online shop, (if you haven't already), she makes the most adorable cards, prints and gift tags!  Thank you Annemarie! 


Every day is about chocolate for me. So when Valentine's Day rolls around, it's less of an excuse to eat chocolate (who needs an excuse?) and more of a chance to dress up my favorite treats. It's all about custom packaging and wrapping. Dig around your leftover holiday supplies... there's bound to be some red gift wrap or ribbon that can easily make the switch to V-day. I found this gingham paper and ribbon in my own stash.

Hot chocolate mix and chocolate bars (I used my local fave, Lake Champlain Chocolates, but any brand or size of bar will work).
Spice jar
Mini metal scoop (I found mine at the grocery store but this one is similar).
Mini cards
Envelope sleeves
Heart punch
Wrapping paper
Ribbon or twine

First, gather your favorite hot chocolate mix and chocolate bars. For the hot chocolate, I saw this glass spice jar at the grocery store and thought it was a perfect size for gifts. Scoop in the mix, add a square of wrapping paper over the top, and secure with a ribbon. Include a mini scoop with the gift if you would like.

For the chocolate bars, peel off the outside label (keep the inner foil layer on there). Cut a piece of wrapping paper to the same size as the label. Wrap, tape, and add a ribbon. For bars that do not have the inner foil (like my mid-sized one), just wrap over the original label. I made simple cards using a heart punch, red card stock, and kraft envelope sleeves. These gifts could be great for wedding favors as well, especially if there is a chocolate maker unique to the area or if it's a winter wedding (hot chocolate is one favor I would not leave behind!).


Scout's Honor Co. is a stationery studio based in Burlington, Vermont. Founded by Annemarie Buckley, Scout's Honor Co. specializes in illustration, hand type, & custom design for weddings, events, & other social correspondence. All work is printed locally in Vermont.

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Very cute! Love it!

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Super cute packaging! Gotta love gingham :)


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adorablee <3 i love these. thank you

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such a cute idea! all these valentines diy's are. thanks for curating them!

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Found this off Pinterest and I'm not disappointed, a lot easier to do than I originally thought. Im hosting a major labor day BBQ this Sept and I think I'm going to use this to cover the handmade fudge my mom makes every year. The fabric you used reminds me of a old curtain I have which I might just cut up and use that. I have some old brown wraffia ribbon would that work too? It gives it a rustic Americana vibe.,Wraphia,Twine/WraffiaBundles