Inspiration: A Little Green

Paper White Indoor Garden from Michael Penney

With this cold snap and grey skies a little green is in order don't you think?  A few green finds I've been saving on my desktop perfect for a day like today.

Photo: Nina Broberg from Livet Hemma



Winter Garden - Photo: Nina Broberg from Livet Hemma

Minna Mercke Schmidt, Blomsterverkstad, för Livet Hemma

Jan Halvarson


whitney @ thecurtiscasa said...

oh, I love all this greenery! I'm trying paperwhites, crocus and hyacinths myself this year. love the greenery in the dead of winter!

Unknown said...

It's time for a trip to the greenhouse! This is lovely inspiration here.

Maud Bailey said...

great inspiration, thank you :-)

kara rane said...

put a plant in anything*! love it.

Unknown said...

I am waiting for spring to make large glass bottles with greens . what this plant?

Carla said...

Green magic just the thing for a pep on a grey Paris day.....merci! Some goovy little ideas here.
Carla x