Hotel Style: Palazzo Margherita

Photograph by James Merrell

In the February issue (on newstands tomorrow - January 28th) of The Wall Street Journal Magazine reporter Rita Konig visits Palazzo Margherita, Francis Ford Coppola’s new hotel in his family’s Italian hometown, Bernalda.  With the help of French interior designer Jacques Grange, the award-winning director transformed a 19th century palazzo in Southern Italy into a grand hotel with the romance and sophistication of the Belle Epoque. Each Coppola family member contributed to the design to their bedrooms resulting in a combination of grand hotel and comforting family home. Aren't the floors stunning?  WSJ. Magazine’s February issue will be available in the weekend Journal (tomorrow) and is the first ever glimpse of this exquisite hotel. The full article—and issueis also online at (Photographs by James Merrell).

Photograph by James Merrell

Photograph by James Merrell

Photograph by James Merrell 

Photograph by James Merrell

Jan Halvarson


Mariella said...

Goregous! Even more because it is close to my hometown in Italy. Bernalda and all the area are well worth a visit!

Unknown said...

I like the last room best. but overall, high ceilings, windows with shutters, italian style - how can you not love it? :)

call me debbie said...

Wow it's dreamy!!

(New blog needing some love and support:

Zane said...

wonderful interior