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pool pony

It's that time of year where shopping local and shopping handmade goes hand in hand. Not only because it's a good thing to do, and that it helps the environment and local business, but it also might be your only choice in some cases if you're not interested in paying the extra costs of "rush shipping" but still wish to buy handmade! There's still time of course to shop from other cities, but we're just getting ready as the big day draws closer. We've put together a Shop Local List (from our Holiday Market) and have broken them up into groups, Australia, Canada, Europe and USA. Thanks for supporting the handmade community! First off - Australia!


Brisbaine, Queensland, Australia

Sydney, Australia

 the wallpaper files
Adelaide, Australia

Jan Halvarson

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Maxabella said...

Gorgeousness! I have tried very hard to ignore my children's Santa list and buy them more meaningful presents! They are at an age where 'skylanders' and 'barbie' are featuring... groan! x