Most Influential 2011 - Part 2

Continuing on our 2011 Most Influential post from yesterday (did you read Part 1)?  We're gathering up this past year's highlights about what was the most influential in the design/art/craft world.  Here's Part 2!

The Mason Jar Craft

Doodle Bird Imaginariums
The Mason Jar craft was everywhere wasn't it?  They seem to keep re-inventing themselves from terrariums and picture frames to pendant lighting from being printed on t-shirts to tea lights.  Check out a heap of them here.

Sticks and Stones

Do you remember these rings?  We wrote about them back in March and are still smitten.  They need to be included here.  From a Portland-based wooden accessories company called  Sticks and Stones.

Like Crafty Fashion Like Crafty Home

Photo:  Louis Gaillard RĂ©alisation : Pascale Chastres, Alix Chatillon
Home decor mimics fashion with these felt flowered embellishments as we saw covering everything from tablecloths to skirts.

Modular Storage

Livet Hemma

Although modular storage has been around for decades it seemed to be prevalent this year in a DIY way with even IKEA kicking out a version using their PRĂ„NT office storage boxes.

Cool Decorating Tricks

Old wooden Scrabble racks make great display shelves for your finds. From the clever folks at Present and Correct.
We love the idea of taking something that is normally used for one thing and then see it used for something else. It sort of gives your head a twist and lightens up the seriousness of decorating. Here's our collection of cool decorating tricks!


By Sweet Eventide
Colour made a huge splash this spring and continued on through the summer cheering us up and making us feel alive!  Jessica Nichols swooned us all with her lovely image of ranunculus during our spring colours week one showery April day.

The Weekend Project

Michael Penny's kitchen from House & Home
We love a good weekend project and especially when it's budget friendly like this one from House & Home and the kitchen of their former editor Michael Penny.  Loved the removal of kitchen cabinets which instantly updates his kitchen with little money involved.  Check out our other weekend projects here.

DIY Entertaining

Chase's 1st Birthday
Entertaining in the DIY sense seemed to be huge on the radar this year.  Lots of pretty handmade party making going on from cake pennants and toppers to garlands and pretty cupcakes.  Move over store bought party accessories, handmade is the way to entertain!

Stay tuned for Part 3!

Jan Halvarson


Stef@ said...

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME collection - What a great year! Looking forward to the next parts of your round up...
MERRY Christmas from Germany!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Stef!
Thanks Lebenslustiger

Coco Cake Land said...

so great!! i always love your year end roundups, jan!!

Cortney said...

You seem to be pretty spot on with all these things! Especially with the mason jar craft. They are being used for everything these days, which I am not necessarily complaining about.

Zane said...

beautiful ideas

Pinecone Camp said...

I still love mason jars, though they do seem to be every where! The modular storage has inspired me to redo one of the rooms in our home. Love it!

Lady Grey said...

Oh yes, those modular storage units are amazing, and those scrabble shelves, and those rings too! Can't wait for part 3!