A Magic Advent Calendar

Love this little magic advent calendar (and the way it's packaged). From etsy shop, Le Petit Pot.

Jan Halvarson


Keri said...

I would live to see what's inside the little advent calendar box. It' s really cute on the outside...so, what's inside?

lepetitpot said...

Wow!! thank you so much for featuring my calendar!!!
I'm so glad nad happy!

K, inside the box, you will find 24 recycled paper bags, perfect for putting whatever you want inside them (a chocolate, a gummy bear, a little toy or just a message), 3 meters of trim, 2 wooden pegs and the instructions. The packaging it's perfect for keeping the calendar for another year if you want.

Check this posts to see more photos!

laboratorio progettincorso said...

davvero originale...bello!
passa a vedere il nostro se ti vĂ . ciao