Contributor Holiday Gift Guide Series from Camilla Engman

Contributor post by Camilla Engman

This might be the best Christmas gift this year, if I might say it myself. It has three good things in one gift - beautiful and fun illustrations, a wonderful dog and profit goes to charity. What more
could one wish for! -The Morran Project Book Project


I would almost die for this fantastic lamp, maybe I could bring it with me from room to room - Miss Maple by Elisa Strozyk.

For shopping or a picnic or just if your handbag has grown too big -Welcome Wagon Cart from Creatures of Comfort.

I'm not sure what it is but Doug Johnston's work strikes a special chord inside of me.

or why not one of these -Wayu Taya

 This dress is a dress for me, both beautiful and comfortable.

 These sock horses are just too cute

 I'd love to be the owner of one of these pots/bottles with illustrations from Joanna Concejo.

Maybe I wouldn't wear them so that you could see them... but I would like to - Griddle Short Short

Happy Christmas!

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Oooh love those bottles!!!

Zane said...

beautiful pieces

Leny said...

Wow! the sock horse is really cute!! :D

Coco Cake Land said...

that chandelier lampy puffy geometric thing is fantastically insane!! great collection! ^__^

neonbubu said...

i would dress my baby boy in those pants! pretty! x