The Art of the Display

Homelife via Pinterest via Decor8

Emily Chalmers via Pinterest via Decor8

High Street Market

Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest via Stephanie Lynn
A few pictures that have caught my eye over on Pinterest as of late and that needed to be added to The Art of the Display collection of posts.  Some beautiful vignettes, yes?

Jan Halvarson


Cortney said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That daisy wallpaper is SO beautiful. I would just die if I had a room with a wall covered in that. For now I guess I will just have to settle for my bedspread which looks pretty similar.

Zane said...

beautiful and inspiring

Unknown said...

where can I find that daisy wallpaper? It's BRILLIANT!! I can't find it on the link posted. :(

Anonymous said...

These are such wonderful ideas for ecclectic displays! So glad I've found such a creative blog :)