Green Salad with Beets, Carrots & Apple with Pink Vinaigrette

By Jeannette Ordas of Everybody likes Sandwiches

I know Homer Simpson said that you don't win friends with salad, but that's just crazy! I love salads and so does everyone I know. Even if you're not, I think you could be persuaded to give salads a little love after a bowl of this yummy concoction!

This isn't your standard sleepy old bowl of salad. No wilty pale lettuce or sad tomatoes here. This one is chock full of local fall produce like beets, carrots, green onions and apples which makes it pretty to look at as well as delicious. Actually, I should point out that I didn't know that green onions were available throughout the fall, but we got a few stems in our CSA box along with some leeks. So there you go.

While it's a pretty simple recipe, there's actually a lot going on in terms of flavour and texture. The carrots and raw beets give the salad an earthy crunch, the apple and the vinaigrette make things sweet and tart, and the pecans and pepitas add richness and texture. Boring salad? No way!

Green Salad with Beets, Carrots & Apple with Pink Vinaigrette

1 head of lettuce, washed & torn (Romaine or mixed greens)
1 carrot, julienned
1 small beet, julienned
1 apple, sliced thinly
1-2 green onions, sliced thinly
1 handful each of toasted pecans & pepitas

Add the lettuce into a large bowl and layer the remaining 4 ingredients over top. Sprinkle with pecans and pepitas.

Pink Vinaigrette
1 heaping teaspoon dijon mustard
1 heaping teaspoon cherry jam (though raspberry would be nice too)
juice of 1/2 an orange
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup olive or canola oil
pinch of salt & a good grind of black pepper

Pour all vinaigrette ingredients into a small lidded jar and shake, shake, shake until completely mixed.

Pour over salad and toss. Serves 2 to 4.


Vancouverite, foodie, crafty, freelance designer, Jeannette Ordas from the popular food blog, Everybody Likes Sandwiches joins us every Wednesday enticing us with her hearty and simple recipes!

Jan Halvarson


Heidi said...

Usually by fall, I'm so over salads, but this looks amazing.

Thanks for sharing.


kitten roar said...

oh man, i think a friend could DEFINITELY win me over with salad. i love salad, and when other people make it for me, it's even better ;) this one looks yummy!

Coco Cake Land said...

Lovely, Jeannette! Love the photos too, as usual. ^__^

Joanne said...

Yum! Sounds amazing! I love nuts in salads! Love the sound of the pink dressing too!