Dispatches from Tokyo: More mt expo snapshots!

Ebony of Hello Sandwich went back to the mt expo 2011 (during the day - yesterday) and took more pictures to share with us!  Check out mt tape heaven after the jump!

mt mizutama windows and mt tape stairs
The mt tape custom size cutting machine

Uncut mt tape rolls!

Assorted size mt tape rolls.

The beautiful new Mina Perhonen tapes!

Special Tohoku tape.

LOVE these grid tapes.
The new mt book!!!
The limited edition special tapes that come with the new book.

super cute mt bike!

movie star style parking for Hello Sandwich's mamachari!

And for those of you in Japan, don't forget that the expo is on until November 8th if you're in Tokyo to check it out! (Now I'm off to washi tape my bike!) All photos by Hello Sandwich

Jan Halvarson


Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

This is when teleporting would come in handy!! This looks amazing! I adore the striped facade! Wonder if I could get away with doing that to my house? ;)

Love at First Blush said...

This is incredible! I love all of the colours on the walls, staircases and even on the bikes!!

Ella es Tanya said...

wow! this is really heaven! :)_

Karyna @ PaperSquid said...

This looks amazing. I suddenly want to order a big vibrant box of masking tape and decorate quite a few things, like my skinny and tall black lamp dulling away in my living room (is that even a proper phrase) :)
Great colors.


Mis Diez Dedos said...

Que locura!!! y qué suerte! quién estuviera allí!!

Hailey Stock said...

You can buy that tape at Happytape.com enjoy :)