Contributor Holiday Gift Guide Series: Rena Tom

Contributor post by Rena Tom

Hey, it’s Rena - I know I normally am wearing my business consultant hat around here, but as someone who owned a retail store for 5+ years, it’s hard to stop scanning for the best products out there. Here are some gifts I’d love to give (or receive) this holiday season.

I have a 2 year old who is really interested in art supplies all of a sudden. This tape dispenser elephant (above) would be perfect for him - I think he’s inherited my love of decorative tape!


Ivo received these Playon Crayons for his birthday and besides being easy to draw with, he loves to stack them (and knock them down). A perfect stocking stuffer for all the babies we know.

We love to collect vintage children’s books and this bookplate stamp by Ink + Wit would be so charming to personalize the collection.

For my husband, it’s all about food-related presents since he loves cooking (I know, I’m lucky!) I love pancakes so is a bottle of fancy maple syrup the gift that keeps on giving, or what?

He also loves beautiful objects so this tiger maple rolling pin would be an outstandingly gorgeous yet useful present.

I used to have an old Tang pitcher that I’d make iced tea in, but I accidentally melted the cap. This Japanese drink pitcher is the much prettier modern version, and the price is just right.

For my sister, I’m eyeing this linen screen-printed table runner by Anna Joyce which would look so great on her dining table.

Sometimes we’ll sneak up to her cabin in Lake Tahoe; any of these striped wool blankets by Coyuchi would be super for snuggling by the fire.

I love raw stoneware but it can be hard to find. Besides the rough clay finish, there’s something about the shape of this teapot by Clamlab that would complement my Karin Eriksson horned cup.

Doug Johnston is my newest favorite designer. His Hawla tote would be the perfect farmer’s market bag for any of my foodie friends.

This gift is something I want for myself. I’ve been following the cape/poncho trend this fall but this cape/coat hybrid is more my speed.

I know tons of people with really nice cameras on standard-issue, ugly camera straps. Why not give someone a beautiful and unique leather camera strap instead?

Jan Halvarson


Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

Rena, thank you for introducing me to the Coyuchi blankets!! Oh my, they look fabulous!

Zane said...

beautiful pieces

Miss B. said...

An amazing round up! I was thrilled to see I was included. What a delight. Thank you.

Janice said...

Lovely items - quite a few are VERY tempting!!! Thanks for sharing!

jettemaedchen said...

aww...i love the coat cape!! please tell me, where is it from?