2011 Holiday Card Round-Up (Part 4)

Happy Holidays, Mr. Boddington

 Official Letter to Santa by Concrete Lace

 Season's Greetings Snowglobe, Katydid (available at Foxes)

 Cross-stitch Christmas Trees (Designed by Aesthetic Outburst.
Letterpressed by Pistachio Press

Santa Baby, Mr. Boddington

 Holiday Heart Wreaths from Satsuma Press 

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Great cards! JUst FYI the link for Aesthetic Outburst is incorrect. =)

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Love the official Santa cards! Wish they were around when I was a kid :)

Coco Cake Land said...

officially blown away and overwhelmed by the AMAZING selection of holiday cards this year!

anything chevron print always seems to call my name too...

lauradeleonardis said...

I love especially the third!