IDSwest Round-Up at Inform Interiors

It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend.  From IDSwest, the IKEA hosted BLEND2011 meet-up to creating the backdrop for the Design Sponge book tour with Artsy-Dartsy at Anthropologie on Saturday; things were hopping!  Here's a few highlights!

Below: FAVN sofa (Jaime Hayon 2011 - Fritz Hansen), new and absolutely jaw-dropping tweed chair (also in blue) by Niels Bensen - both from Inform Interiors.

REIDAR Love:  The REIDAR Chair at the IKEA booth - awesome in black!

Designers at Large

Nathan Martell

Top: CANOE: by Contexture and Ceramics by Fleet Objects

Top: Salsa Lounge Poufs (Paulig) from Salari
Middle:  Sculptural Elements for Inspired Living (
Bottom: (Bear by Hanahlie Beise of Case Projects )
IDSwest2011 and Artsy-Dartsy presented Future Masters: Young Designers West

As an ongoing committment to the design industry and to foster a new generation of designers, Interior Design Show West 2011 and Artsy-Dartsy presented Future Masters Young Designers West Volume 2; a platform for design students and recent graduates to present their work to the public.  (Above:  Not an Ikea Flat Pack by Tom Chung and Geodesic Ware Hybrids by Sarah Péloquin Ladany).

 Stay tuned for a post on the Design Sponge visit!

Jan Halvarson

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Rosa @ flutterflutter said...

Jan, A whirlwind indeed!! It was great to meet you at Blend last night! Now I have a face to put to the blog! Rosa