Gorgeous photography from Aline Diépois and Thomas Gizolme

Contributor post by Karine Kong of BODIE and FOU

It's half-term in England so after hiding a surprise Batgirl costume in her suitcase, put Le Chat print rolled in a tube for a friend, a few slices of banana cake to eat in the plane, Mila was off...
10 days in France to be a grand-child, to be loved and spoiled.

And then I came across the amazing work of these two French Artistic Directors and Photographers: Aline Diépois and Thomas Gizolme. They live together, they work together and they make beautiful things together.

The atmosphere, the childhood memories, the slight touch of melancholy that comes out of their photography really touched me. It was the same sensitivity that appealed to me when I was admiring the lookbook of Zef, a French clothing brand for Kids that I really love (especially their stars bedlinen) and I know why now.

Aline and Thomas make really wonderful images. One of their last project was a series of beautiful photos for Australian digital Papier Mache (another one of my favourites). They also made a beautiful video called Take me anywhere and a book that is now on my wishlist. I hope you'll love them!


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vosgesparis said...

These are amazing photographers... I still have not made the famous Bodie and Fou cake from their catalogue ... but I will some day!!
Bonne weekend!

Maia said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful post!

Danielle Hardy said...

These photos are stunning! Beautifully captures each child!