Feeling the Tweed

Photo credit: Two Inch Cuffs - Andre Wagner

A few weeks ago New York held it's first bicycle Tweed Run event and ever since I saw the pictures last week I've been thinking more and more about how much I'm loving tweed right now.  Not only to wear but in the home.  (Thanks to Honest WTF for the reminder)! I'm really loving menswear lately and so a post is in order!  Above photo from Two Inch Cuffs (at the New York Tweed Run).  Below (clockwise): Omber Lace Necklace from Nova Lily, Leather iPad Case from Julie Boyles, and Tweed Clutch from Dear Pony).

Photo credit: Two Inch Cuffs - Andre Wagner

Above: Messenger Bag from Rustic Leather and 80's Brown Tweek Suit from Trixycat Vintage.

Photo credit: From Me to You

Above: Vintage Fishing or Bicycle Basket from Shabbylull, Vintage Stamp Pendant from Woodbee Designs, and Green Transfeware from English Transfeware.

Photo credit: From Me to You

Jan Halvarson


Valentina said...

I love this accessories!I read your blog every day is very amazing!!!

Tomas and Jones said...

Love love love these pics, especially that first one. Made me want to rush out and buy a bike and some tweed!! Thx!

Unknown said...

Oh!! I love this style!!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the old Brit style of tweed and the "Tweed Run" sounds like so much good, old fashioned fun!


ROBOT Inside said...

I love this so much!

Kat Greene said...

I love this set! Reminds me of Sherlock!

Jan Halvarson said...

Valentina - thank you!
And I agree with the rest of you all - Love!
Kat - so true!