DIY: Washi Tape Wrapping Paper

Guest DIY by Marisa of Omiyage

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the hunt for new washi tape projects. While these colourful tapes are definitely multi-taskers, one of my favourite ways to use them has always been for wrapping. Here's a fun (and easy!) way to make your own custom wrapping paper and a few clever ways to stretch the life of your washi tape!

Materials needed:
  • washi tape in your choice of colours & patterns
  • white printer paper
  • colour printer with copy / scan functions

Using the washi tape, create a design of your choice all over a piece of printer paper. I made 4 different designs - classic washi strips, stripes, houses and starbursts.
Using the colour copy function of your printer, make as many copies of your design as you would like. It's also a great idea to scan and save your design - this way you can always print out more wrapping paper as you need it!

One of the best qualities of washi tape is that it is removable, replaceable and reusable. You will find that once you make one design, you can (carefully) peel the tape off the paper and reuse it make another design. My washi strips were reused to make the houses, and the stripes became starbursts. But be warned that each time you stick, unstick and restick it, the washi tape will lose a little of its stickiness.

Once you've created your wrapping paper, why not reuse the tape strips? Grab some blank shipping tags and get crafty making up pretty tags to match your paper.

Of course, unless you go wild with tag making, you'll still have strips left over. Use these strips to seal up your packages as you wrap!
Finish your parcel off with some pretty twine or ribbon and one of the tags.
Ta-da! One-of-a-kind washi wrapping paper and matching tags!

Have you seen any fantastic washi tape tutorials or inspiration lately? 

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Jan Halvarson


C said...

Love this idea, so totally doing this for christmas!! x

Jacaranda Designs Jewelry said...

What a fantastic idea! I have lots of the shipping tags so shall be purchasing some of the tape for some some packaging of gifts this Christmas. Thanks for the post.

Allison Egan said...

I am so inspired!! I love the look of the washi tape stripes especially! fantastic idea!

xo Allison
Spicer + Bank

ruediger benedikt said...

any gift wrapped up with this charming paper looks even better, a very creative idea, very easy to do especially for your loved ones,
really love this blog have been a faithfull reader for a long time

Lo said...

great idea! the packages come out so so pretty! :) -Lo

Momichka said...

Great idea!!
I love these tapes - they make everything looks better in pastel.
Love the packaging!!!

Coco Cake Land said...

Awesome idea! I use my washi tape all the time for gift wrapping but never thought to use it to make patterns... LOVE IT!