Autumn Colours Week Next Week!

It's been a late summer everywhere I think, but the leaves are finally changing.  So I think next week is a good week to host our Autumn Colours Week!  Please join us by uploading your beautiful fall colours to our Autumn Colours Week flickr pool.  I will post and favourtie heaps each day here on the blog in the process and the more the merrier if you care to do the same!  Here is the colour schedule:

Monday, October 17th - Red
Tuesday, October 18th - Yellow
Wednesday, October 19th - Orange
Thursday, October 20th - Grey
Friday, October 21st - Brown

Be sure to upload the next day's colour after 6pm Pacific only (and please no product or images you've uploaded to previous colour weeks). Come join! It'll be fun!

Jan Halvarson


Sabine said...

Hey Jan, your first picture on this post just put a smile on my face, when I opened your feed. Thanks! :)

Margie Oomen said...

can't wait!!!

Lady Grey said...

Fun! I love Poppytalk colour weeks! It always inspires me to get outside with my camera.

B.B said...

What a lovely idea! I'll try and remember to take some photos of the Autumn colours here in London! x

jodi said...


Unknown said...

yep, i'm super excited!!