Autumn Colour Week: Brown Day

By bgilgan

It's Brown Day today and the last day of our Autumn Colour Week!  Why do these weeks always seem to fly by?  They should almost be two weeks!  Or maybe a real week (7 days)?  Anyway, thank you to everyone who's participated it's been another colour theraputic week!  I'll post more browns and a round-up later today!

Wet little leaves
By bgilgan

By byBeccaG

By vanezia

By Grits r Grits

By boo21smom

Café y crema
By vanezia

Jan Halvarson


maggie said...

Autumn leaves, sharpened pencils, and a sweet puppy face. Brown is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

these are great! can't believe that soon most colour will be gone...

elena nuez said...

How much I loooooove those pictures!!!
colors in the second one are really

have a nice day,

Boo21's Mom said...

Yay! How fun that you chose my photo of Pumpkin, one of my Cardigan Welsh Corgis! How fun is Colour Week? I look forward to it every season. Thanks for the fun.

Lady Grey said...

So many beautiful ones - that second one is incredible!

sosser said...

thanks for hosting another wonderful week of color! seeing so many inspiring photos certainly helped my week fly by :)

Amanda :: Grace & Gusto said...

Oh my these are amazing! The leaves, the wood, the pine cones. Beautiful!

Coco Cake Land said...

I love brown! These roundups are really getting me into the Fall vibe...