Vancouver Art Show Tonight: Robert Edmonds - Voice Echo

If you happen to be in or near Vancouver tonight there's a new art show opening that sounds interesting, called Voice Echo at Walrus on Cambie Street.  Artist Robert Edmonds is exhibiting a new series of Limited Edition Letterpress prints.

"Juxtaposing words within a singular quote from artists, authors, musicians, thinkers, to explore new meanings and sharpen the existing text by focusing the words."

3408 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Wednesday, September 21st: 6 - 9pm

Jan Halvarson


Samantha said...

I keep getting confused whenever Vancouver is mentioned because I live in Portland, OR and there's a Vancouver across the river in WA and another one in Canada.
I'm sure you mean the Canada one, but it would be exciting if you meant the WA one because that one is so much closer.

Jan Halvarson said...

That's funny Samantha!