A Quick + Fun Erase Marker Board DIY

Rikkianne of You Sentimental Idiot sent over a link to a quick DIY she stumbled across on Pinterest.
through Jill Ruth.

It's using old frames, a piece of burlap, and a dry erase marker to create a faux embroidery look.  Rikkianne thought it was super cute and decided to try it.  While she was working on it, her little one came over and wanted to make the design.  Her daughter, Mia often gets in on the DIY's she tells us.  It's incredibly easy and makes good use of old picture frames. And what's fun is, you can have a new design anytime you wish! Just erase and draw again!

Her daughter came home after school, picked up one of her Maira Kalman books and drew this.

Jan Halvarson

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