Mini Accordian Book Photo Tutorial

Ruth Bleakley created this sweet tutorial of a Mini Accordian Book recently and was kind enough to share it here with our readers.  Ruth has started making tutorials on her blog as of late, and also sells her handbound books and journals on her etsy shop, here.

• Scraps of thin decorative paper for covers,
• filler paper (this can be regular computer paper or sketch paper)
• thin cardboard for the covers (the kind on the back of a sketchpad will work fine)
• glue (I use PVA but any white glue would work fine)

1. Cut cardboard covers slightly larger than the size of your accordion, folded up. I made these strips of paper as wide as printer paper (8.5″) and about 2″ tall, then made the cardboard covers overhang by about 1/8″. I folded the paper first, then measured the folded size to determine the cover. I cut the cardboard with a utility knife and metal ruler.
2. Cut decorative cover paper for the cardboard so that it overhangs all sides by 1/4″ and trim off the corners so they’re mitered (at a 45 degree angle) that way there’s less bulk in the corners when you glue them them. Apply glue and fold opposite sides together. So long sides first, then top and bottom.
3. Gluing the inside is the trickiest – fold up your accordion inside, and put glue on the facing side of the last sheet, then adhere it to the first cover. For the second cover, put glue on the sheet facing you and then lay the cover on top like you’re putting together a sandwich.
4. Viola! If you like, cut a short piece of ribbon and glue it to the back of the book for a tie. Make sure there’s no glue sticking the pages of your book together before you tie it and leave it to dry.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Beautiful...Thank you...I will try!!

jonahliza said...

these are the cutest things e v e r. i am making one, right when i get home from work tomorrow <3

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Nice !

Tricia McKellar said...

Awesome visual tutorial! :)

ally said...

they look fabulous - and achievable.
we'll make school holiday ones for sure

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Really neat; thanks!

MagicMarkingsArt said...

I had to bookmark this one - a great little project for my art students!

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nice! thanks!
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