Hello Autumn, Browns + Blacks

Home of H&H Editor Suzanne Dima - Photo by Michael Graydon for House & Home (October 2011)
With the new season just around the corner I'm loving the more muted colours appearing in recent publications and in particular, October's issue House and Home magazine. From H&H's Editor, Suzanne Dima's  lakeside getaway (bedroom above) using a monochromatic palette, a kitchen below (from a different article) with it's dark hues and mid-toned woods in the cabinets and countertops, a mid-toned entrance way with it's black accessories and a few more I found about as of late online.  The effect is calming and a nice change from all the colour from the past couple of years.

House & Home (October 2011) - Beth Edwards

Photo by Janet Kimber for House & Home (October 2011)

Photo Vercruysse Frederik | OWI

Photo by: Dustin Aksland | Dwell Magazine

Jan Halvarson


wordplayhouse™ said...

Simple and the muted colors are calm. Nice. On a rainy day like ours I just need a big punch of color too, of flowers or fruit nearby too for some lively happiness—and that would sit nicely anywhere in these rooms too.

Nice choices to share.

Unknown said...

I am pretty head over heels for all these photos! SO cozy and inviting!

K. said...

That bedroom is amazing! Love the hallway photo too. It didn't even occur to me but yeah, it *is* a nice break from all the color!

rooth said...

Isn't it funny how brown and black is cozy and homey in a house but on person, it's considered a 'modern' colour combination?

Alyssa Rose. said...

can i live here? absolute perfection.