Friday Links

Seriously cute fox stuff. Image: Bike Fox Handwarmer Gloves from warmYourself

Well this week seemed to fly by!  I'm offline a little early today to finish off our lookbook for our Mix Tape market that launched this week in hopes of having it published for Monday.  So I leave you with a few links of things I've noticed this week.

Must check out the new Topshop this weekend!
space | time, a seasonal living guidebook from Vancouver
The cure for anything
A portal of sorts to heaps of e-magazines
Did you see these awesome tutorials - Tutorial: Easy Tiny Envelopes and Make a Wallet Out of an Old Cowboy Boot
Help Abby with the Owega Fund Relief

My posts for Babble this week:
Seriously cute fox stuff.
I like the idea of dressing in macaron colours!
15 Awesome (even epic) costumes you can make!
20 Spooktacular Party Decorations 
10 picks from NY Fashion Week Spring '12
Best new hairstyles from NY Fashion Week!

Jan Halvarson


KAAM {hand-made} said...

This is sooooooo cute! I love the idea! And its so useful at the same time:)

Julie [Plums for Breakfast] said...

I can't even handle those. When I was little, I had an imaginary fox as a "pet." I think I might need some of these in my life.

Tra Wright Knox said...

Awwww! I want a pair!!!

Hena Tayeb said...

OMG those are the cutest gloves ever!

Fedulab said...