Cape Fridge Magnets

Following the interest his embroidered cape chairs received designer, Michael Chandler thought he'd use the found blue and white china shards in a far more domestic way. Inspired by an invitation that a friend had sent him to a design and art launch, he decided to make fridge magnets out of blue and white porcelain shards that he had found in and around Cape Town. As Michel says, "The result is a wonderful play between then and now, domesticity and dirty resting places, broken and whole. Yesteryear’s kitchen mishap, is today’s kitchen Gem. (Via Kickcan & Conkers).

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Jan Halvarson


C said...

What an incredibly simple yet beautiful idea x

Jade said...

love that idea! :)

Anonymous said...

this is a crazy good (and very good looking too !) idea ! thanks for sharing the info over here, Jan !

Hausfrau said...

I love this idea! Too bad my fridge isn't magnetic, as I have quite a few lovely pottery shards I collected from a Japanese riverbed.