25 Free Halloween Party + Decor Printables!

I'm kind of stoked with my post today over at Babble!  I found 25+ free (yup free) pretty cool printables for any scary ocassion you may be planning!  (Above:  Bat Lantern Template by a bit of sunshine for eighteen25). Click here to see!!

Jan Halvarson


Allison Egan said...

So fun! what chic, retro halloween ideas!

xo Allison

nest of posies said...

oh wow!

thank yoy so much for including my vintage clipart with modern posies on your list!!!

i truly am honored. such a fun surprise to see today!

hope your day is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This photo is from "A bit of Sunshine" blog....she did a great job and should be acknowledged?!

Jan Halvarson said...

anon - eep!!! how embarrasing, thank you! was tired.