Sunday Reading: Poppytalk Contributors Blogs

Bodie and Fou
For some sunday reading today, I thought it might be fun to catch up with all of our amazing contributors here at Poppytalk.  This summer has sped by (hasn't it?) and it's fun to see what everyone's been up to!

Karine at Bodie and Fou had the stairs painted white at her London home while off in France on vacation. Can't wait to see the pics!
Arounna of Bookhou is on a bit of a hiatus here but is sewing up a storm at Bookhou at Home
Will of Bright Bazaar is embracing blue hues - have you seen his mash ups?  Always colourful and gorgeous!
Camilla Engman has a new public commission installed, wouldn't you like to see it person?
Jeannette of Everybody Likes Sandwiches is making spicy lemon parmesan veggies.  Take a look here!
Elisabeth of Fine Little Day is a bit rained out this weekend for a big craft fair, but the sun will come tomorrow they say.
Lisa Congdon always has beautiful things in her shop, I'm especially liking her vintage brownie camera panel.
Lisa Solomon just had a show opening on Friday (which I missed posting about, gasp)!  She made 2 new glass ball toxin atomic ball sculptures for it.
Hello Sandwich just got her first Digital SLR (I'm still waiting for mine)...check out her new pictures she's taking with it!
Michelle of Holley & Gill has refreshed the look of her blog recently and taken some beautiful pictures of old Montreal - also be sure to check out her perspective at Blogfest.
Andrea of Hula Seventy is now back from the road trip to end all road trips.  Can't wait to hear more!
Pip from Meet Me At Mikes has two new books out!  Check them out here!
Janis of Pinecone Camp has been taking beautiful pictures of beautiful homes for various magazines all summer long - not to mention her camping and road trips...
Rena Tom who's currently in Singapore has some great business-related guest posts lined up all month while she's away.  Lots to read if you're needing help with the business end of things.
Shauna of Forage Ties (Somethings Hiding in Here) is very busy with a secret of some sort.  I think it might have to do with a particular online pop up shop.  Stay tuned here.
And if you didn't know already Will Bryant (and his lovely wife Sally) have moved from Austin to Portland, Oregon this summer! 
And us?  Why we're working hard to get our kitchen in before the cold sets in for the winter and I have a new lookbook for you all tomorrow if all goes well)!
So much goin' on! Hope you're having a great sunday!

Jan Halvarson


snoweflake farm said...

Looks like an interesting summer! Fun way to catch up!

romeoville il apartments said...

May your kitchen be as pretty as you want them to be.

lisa solomon said...

man. i'm so honored to be in this lineup.
hope you had a great weekend jan !

andrea said...

must echo what lisa said, jan-- so completely honored to be in this lineup! thank you! what a list! and what a fun post! love it!


vosgesparis said...

Such a great post.. I really love all the ideas you come up with! I think you are very inspirational !