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Both avid cyclists Jeremy Clement and Kez Sherwood wanted to build trailers using high quality materials with no frou frou parts that could easily break. They sought to source local materials where possible, use environmental finishes and outsource specialized components to others in the community. Jeremy a certified welder and engineer, Kez the designer together create high quality, light weight and smooth to tow aluminum bicycle trailers in Roberts Creek, B.C. Their inspiration was to build bombproof, simple and elegant cargo bike trailers for West Coast use. Trailers they could use to carry groceries, kayaks, firewood or compost bins. Products that would stand up to their rainy climate and use for life. See more of them online:

Jan Halvarson


Tangletree Interiors said...

These trailers look awesome. Love the combination of metal and wood.

Katie said...

Wow, how cool!