New Large Format Print Collection at Little Paper Planes

Little Paper Planes has just launched a new selection of wide format prints offered as a curated collection so that each work is its own entity as well as creating a dialogue with one of the other pieces.  These collections are seasonal with 10 artists per collection and 2 pieces per artist.  Each print comes in a limited edition of 50, hand numbered, printed artist signature along with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Click here to see the entire collection.

Artists include:  Alyson Fox, Mathew Bowers, Caitlin Keegan, Tchmo (shown here), Christopher David Ryan, Christine Tillman, Josh Peters, Jen Renninger, Lulu Wolf and Jessica Cannon.  Curated by Kelly Lynn Jones. 

Jan Halvarson


Katie said...

So beautiful, I'm loving that first one!

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Ooooh! I love the last one!
*runs to their shop*

thanks for sharing :)

Stephanie Kilgast said...

oh no it's just a collage of their things blaah

Luna Levy said...

Cool - Kelly always does a wonderful job :)