Lidewij Edelkoort: Trend Report Fall / Winter 2012

Lidewij Edelkoort works as a trend forecaster based in Amsterdam and was in Stockholm recently for a visit and presented her thoughts on this autumn's trends in home furnishings, design and fashion.  The folks from Ikea's blog, Livet Hemma were there and posted about it this week:

Lidewij noted that nature continues to inspire and deliver materials such as stone, leather, wood and colors taken from our crops such as carrots or beets.  She also predicts that textiles will become increasingly important in our homes. Any type of textile is popular - quilted fabrics, visible seams, tufts, mats, rugs, curtains and upholstered furniture are just some examples. Textiles she says are perfect to decorate with, a carpet can transform an entire room as well as curtains or to update the sofa with new cushions. A wall, a piece of furniture or an entire room can change with the help of textiles, in addition, it provides a cozy atmosphere and a wonderful acoustic environment.

You can check out Lidewij Edelkoort here as well as visit her site Trend Tablet a new social media platform designed and curated by Lidewij, a tool that is supposed to explain how trends grow, evolve and flow; helping us to better perceive and understand how they interact with our daily life.  (Images from Trend Tablet).

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