Inspiration: Mood Boards

A thought a little inspiration was in order today for our mood board flickr pool.  Although we have many members, there hasn't been a lot of uploading yet.  And so to encourage any of you that are joining us or thinking about it, here's a few images I've found about to help us out.  Check them out after the jump and then it would be so cool to see them uploaded here!

A lovely personal shot by photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo

Ikea Family Magazine

Shane Powers via Decor8
French By Design

Photo from Arugula Press via A Cup of Jo

A Creative Mint

See more mood board inspiration at my pinterest here!

Jan Halvarson


Dita Maulani said...

Loving Johanna Vintage version of mood board. Love the pretty collection here!


bstudio said...

Sigh, oh to have the space for something like this! My favourite is the one by Ngoc Minh Ngo, I have that one pinned.

Queenbee said...

This post has come at just the right time! I was just looking to make a full wall mood board in the studio here at Design Engine.
These ideas are great!!!
I wonder if anyone knows of a way you could make a full wall cork board?

meesch said...

Oh my god, i absolutely love this post! I have a collection of ads and designs that i've kept for inspiration but this is is defintely a better idea than storing them all in a binder! now i just need to decide HOW i am going to display all my ideas - i'm definitely a fan of the distressed wood frame idea...

thank you SO much for this post, such a great idea!


The Veda House said...

Thanks for sharing. I usually do my mood boards digitally, but it might be nice to start one on my wall. Thanks for the inspiration.

Iris (Iridee├źn) said...

What a lovely idea. Just posted two of my boards.

Anonymous said...

I love this post so much! Thank you for reinspiring me to work on my mood board. i've come across a lot of time this week and was wondering what cool project I should work on, this is perfect.


transformersi said...

Simple and amazing. Check out my blog also