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Contributor post by Karine Kong of BODIE and FOU
Hello everyone! I'm now back in London behind my desk but luckily working on exciting stuff.
A couple of ago, I posted two images on my Facebook profile...The first one in white was from our bedroom in our London home and features a beautiful cluster light by Kathleen Hills (+ my beloved silver mini sac by Clare Vivier). The second one with natural and blue hues was from a bedroom in our holidays home in France. My mum covered the headboard with linen fabric and made the curtains and I dyed an old sheet in blue to add a summery feel to the room.

I really like these two images but having them next to each other, it kind of dawned on me that although I have been living in England for the past 16 years and being regularly exposed to designs from around the world and even using designs from Scandinavia, US, England etc around my home, my interior style is still...well, very French!

(C) Photo 1: Francois Kong, Photo 2: Michael Paul

If you have been living in a country that is not your birth country, do you also find that although living abroad has opened your mind to other things, deep down, you always go back to the style you know from your childhood?


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A French girl, living in London with a Neo-Zealander, mum of a five-years old freewi* called Mila. Karine Candice is also the Creative Director and Co-Founder of the fabulous online concept store BODIE and FOU which she launched with her sister Elodie in 2005.

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meesch said...

i LOVE the white sceme in your london room! so beautiful! I've always wanted to do something of the sort but i guarantee it would not remain stark white for long!

though i've never lived in a country other than the united states, i have lived in country homes versus city apartments and my style, per my location, has changed drastically. now that im living in a small apartment in a big city, im more prone to local art and decor because it's all around me and so much easier to access!


Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

both are so soothing and relaxing! I very much would gravitate toward that bed with daylight streaming in for a nap or to read a book!

ahhh, they say the french know how to relax and take time out for themselves and now I know the secret: it is their decor! :D

Des, Mano y Metal.

birdie to be said...

I love those lights in the first picture!

Unknown said...

@Meesch Using special kitchen/bathroom paint throughout the house is the way to sanity. I have a 6 years old and an australian shepherd so walls get dirty but they can easily be cleaned :-)

@Mano y metal and @birdieto be Thank you!

Sonja Barrett said...

I'm an American living in Australia. I'm half Norwegian and my mother filled my childhood home with relics from Norway. I've lived in Norway and Russia before moving to Australia and I always seem to lean toward Scandinavian design, but always mix it with current surroundings and local art.

I love the hanging pendant lights in the first picture - delightful!