10 IKEA Must-Have Accessories!

Image from Livet Hemma featuring their new KVILL picture frames.

Now that all the dust has settled and I’ve had a bit of time to take in the new 2012 IKEA catalog, I’ve collected a little nice must-have list from the accessories department.  There truly is some good stuff this year folks and I can hardly wait to pick some of these up myself.  Wish I had a slideshow option to show you here at Poppytalk (but blogger doesn't have that), so in the meantime, check out my must-have list today at Babble HERE.

Jan Halvarson


Blanka said...

Nice! I think I like the frames and the magazine box the most:)

Giulia said...

I love the new catalogue's offerings & the theme of small & double-duty utility. Excellent choices, btw.

kickpleat said...

i can't wait to take a peek at the catalogue! those frames are great!

tableandtop.com said...

Love the frames!!

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