Weekend Project: Create Glass Lanterns for the Backyard

Illuminate your outdoor festivities this weekend with this super easy (and affordable) project.  Using mason jars, sea glass, LED flickering tea lights and some wires, these glass lanterns are a fun way to make an evening outside a little more magical. Click here for the how to.  By Layla Palmer, the Lettered Cottage for HGTV.

Jan Halvarson


Gretchen said...

I love this idea!

Sarah said...

love these! the sea glass is a nice touch.

keen & fitting

Becky said...

great idea

Unknown said...

so pretty!

Shay said...

Oh, I absolutely love the sea glass! This would be beautiful in a beach house or a little seaside cottage. It's too bad I have neither. But I can pretend and make my house look beachy.

Unknown said...

i made some little lanterns similar to this. used smaller jars and tea candles, but i like the idea of using the LED lights. i will try this for my next outdoor party!