Moo Sticker Giveaway: And the winners are...

Thanks to everyone who entered the MOO Stickers Giveaway!  It was a great response and the folks at MOO have announced their 5 winners!

If we have your email address we will be sending you info shortly.  If not, please contact us (see below) and congratulations!

1) thegbox said...
I would use them for my "message in a bottle" summer project! Peeps from the city will write a motivational message and put it in a bottle to let it float away until a random stranger gets it. The sticky would be inside as part of the nice surprise! Traveling stickers, yes?!

2) Marina Goldshteyn said...
I LOVE STICKERS and MOO! These stickers would be the perfect solution for a public art piece in Chicago I have been DYING to make that will have a beautiful and motivating slogan to encourage and motivate people everyday!

3) Lindsay said...
I used Moo for my wedding - trivia cards during the reception as well as another set for the url to the photo gallery on the way home. Needless to say I love them.

One project I've been itching to try for a while is to have millions of different "happy notes," where you have stickers or small notes in unexpected places in the city that say things like, smile, or you're beautiful, etc etc. I did it in a large poster format but would love to make it more subtle. I called it my happiness project last time.

4) Stephanie said... (please contact us so we can email you your prize)!
So lovely! I am a future teacher (hopefully starting in the fall) so I would use them in my classroom. I love the idea of personalized stickers for students.

5) KT said... (please contact us so we can email you your prize)!
ooh, i would totally use the round ones to stick on packages of my baked goods that i give out to friends. i'd probably try and think of some hilarious quotes for the rectangle ones so that, wherever they wound up, they'd give anyone who saw them a good chuckle.

Jan Halvarson

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