Dispatches from France: In France...for a little week - Part 1

Contributor post by Karine Kong of BODIE and FOU

Hello Everyone! Can you believe July is already here! I mean how quickly time flies these days! I've just arrived in France (where home is for me) to drop Mila at my parents and to start shooting our first BODIE and FOU mail order catalogue! Creatively speaking, this is an exciting time for me because I get to choose how (hopefully beautiful & inspiring!) our catalogue will look like and I will also do the photo stylism (see my beginnners steps here) but it is also a bit scary because a mail order catalogue costs the earth to produce and I've never done one before so I'm a bit in a "Feel the fear and do it anyway" kind of space but I'm just gonna take a deep breath and try my best!

And to breath slooowwly and caalmy, I'm going to show you various parts of my region starting with a company called Les Cabanes de Bartherotte et Freres. In French, the word 'cabane' means little hut and it is often made of wood...a bit like what Steve built in our garden except ours is up in a tree!

What I like about Les Cabanes de Bartherotte et Freres is that each design is inspired by the fishermen huts one can find around the Bay of Arcachon. They are unique work of design, eco-friendly and simply beautiful...so let's dream a little bit that we will all spend our holidays there next year!

That's it for today, I'll be back this week with more eye-candy from the South West of France...Wishing you a great day!

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

what an amazing place... so calm and serene.

vosgesparis said...

I was just reading up a bit and also found your old post about merci here on poppy talk ;) Great pictures!!