Botanical Beauties

Guest post by Mr Yen

Hello everyone, for my next post in the Botanical Beauties series I have gathered a small group of photographs that I feel showcase floral elements in a beautiful, organic and interesting way.

A few of these images are from my Flickr favourites, where I love to look back over them for inspiration. I find each image interesting for a different reason, wether that be composition, use of colour, the way the photograph is taken or simply the structure of the plants themselves.

I hope you enjoyed this post, my next post will be about paper botanical beauties!

What do you find interesting in your favourite flower photographs?


Mr Yen (also known as Jonathan Chapman) studied at Leeds College of Art and gained a BA HONS in Graphic Design. After leaving University in 2010 he had the opportunity to work on a few freelance design projects for companies such as Computer Arts Magazine and LYNX. In between freelance projects he creates hand cut papercut artwork that is for sale here. Visit him online at and

Jan Halvarson


Kamie said...

I love the hanging blooms!

chelsea said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. What a great collection!

Pinecone Camp said...

Nice post Mr. Yen! Love the dangling carnations. I shoot flowers as part of my "day job", so I'd have to say any shot with ultra low depth of field and maybe a raindrop or two does it for me!