Art Show: Out of the South at artstream

I'm loving these images transferred onto vintage architectural ceiling tiles by Southern artist, Meryl Truett. Truett's work is part of a group show (launching this evening) at artstream gallery in Rochester, NH called Out of the South. The show brings together a disparate yet connected group of artists who hail from the environs known as the American South. Meryl Truett is the magnet that brought this assemblage together - she also has curated the show. While each artist possesses a distinct style and aesthetic, a common thread runs through the intent and content of the work. Truett's work celebrates a vanishing southern landscape in a unique way. By transferring the images to vintage architectural ceiling tiles, she melds the image and the form to create an evocative object. Other artists in the exhibit are Polly Cook, John Dodge Meyer, Dorothy Netherland, Tobia Makover and Marilee Hall.

Out of the South  runs July 15th - September 5th at artstream gallery  located at 56 Main Street in downtown Rochester,  NH.  Check their site for more details and to purchase online.

Jan Halvarson


Victoria @ The FAT Paint™ Company and ÉdinHome said...

Very creative! Love the juxtaposition of the rustic ceiling tile and photo transfer technique paired with the clean contemporary frame.

Unknown said...

i think this is fantastic. i was just talking about this on my blog. two layers/styles of art in one. i love that this artist has take her artistic style and applied it to something that was Already art! two for one and it makes my heart beat triple time.

Unknown said...

Love the architectural texture and the contrast. Love it!

HeidiRose said...

ack!! I was ready to drive into Vancouver, Main street!
This is beyond awesome!
I'm going to have to try something similar in photoshop.

Lauren said...

These are absolutely beautiful. I also love the portfolio on her website. So happy to see photographers documenting what makes this area of the country so special.

Anonymous said...

I love the highlight on the South; I have lived in the South my whole life and love the down-home kind of art we like to make. Sounds like it's going to be a hit.