TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Sewing {Sue Eggen}

Contributor post by: Shauna Alterio

Sue Eggen

Giant Dwarf

SA: When did you begin sewing?

SE: My first sewing tool was an old Singer sewing machine that my grandmother Rose had. I remember as a little girl sitting in her sewing room hoping for the day to play on the machine that mesmerized me for hours. My wish came true in 1988, when I wanted to make scrunchies for Christmas gifts. We figured out a pattern + stitched them together. They were a hit + I haven't looked back since!

SA: What do you make with your sewing machine(s)?

SE: I make all kinds of fun + colorful accessories, using recycled + reclaimed materials, like sweaters + corduroy trousers, when I can. I also love using Fancy Felt + German glass glitter in my work.

SA: What machine(s) are you currently using? What are the brands you love and the features you can't live without?

SE: Currently, I use a Bernina Active 240, with the Two Sole Walking Foot, which is the quintessential sewing machine, in coordination with a DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro 300, which is a magical iron with a gorgeous cork handle. Besides those very important machines, there are the 3 Gs of sewing: Gingher scissors + Gutermann thread + Glue Sticks. Firstly, Gingher makes the sharpest blade in the business. I always have the 4.5" Thread Nippers, as well as the 6" + 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker's Shears handy. Secondly, Gutermann is the only thread I'll use. It's strong + the color options are infinite. Lastly, Avery Glue Sticks are my secret weapon. This sticky school supply keeps things in place + dries clear. Think holding a zipper in place or keeping applique in check without pins. Trust me on this one!

SA: What's tools are on your wish list? 

SE: If I could add anything to my toolbox, it would be a Hashima Compact Fusing Press. This heated conveyer wonder applies fusible interfacing without hovering over an ironing board, saving countless hours preparing fabric. It's not the cheapest machine out there, but if your time is as valuable as mine, it would be worth saving for.

SA: Tell us about someone else working with similar tools that inspires you.

SE: One of my favorite seamsters is Katie Henry of Made By Hank. This gal is amazing + her work is flawless. I love the texture she creates with fabric + the details that go into her work. Perfection isn't a term I throw around lightly, but I can't think of a better word to describe what she makes with a sewing machine.

photo: Katie Henry


Shauna Alterio is a designer and one half of Something's Hiding in Here. Together with her partner Stephen, she can be found dabbling with all sorts of tools and techniques from letterpress printing to sewing. The duo added haberdashers to their list of titles this year when they created FORAGE, a line of bow ties made from vintage fabrics in limited editions.

blog: somethingshidinginhere

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Sarah O. said...

The glue stick idea is genius.

Also, what brand of red sandals are you wearing? I've been looking for those forever and I can't remember their name!

Thank you much.

Cez said...

such great bags !!!! and interview!!!!! have a great afternoon!!!!

Ms. Dee said...

I loooove Sue, she is such a sweet lady! And she makes the prettiest accessories! I always get tons of compliments when wearing her creations.

sweetmaybird said...

Great interview! Nice to see what tools fellow crafters are using to make beautiful things. Thanks Sue!!

P.S. Sarah O. Sue is wearing saltwater sandles. They are great. I have 3 pairs and I love them. My yellow ones are my fav. My little ones wear them all summer!

Anonymous said...

Sue's work is so beautiful! Such an inspiring lady.

Katie x

Ashley Anna Brown said...

Sue is the best!!