Summer Colours Week - Summary Monday's Yellows

Such an amazing turn out today for the first day of our  Summer Colours Week! I just wanted to thank everyone who is participating - (and to those just visiting too) - it's always so inspiring to watch everyone come together and create such a beautiful collaborative pool - isn't it?  And as much as I'd love to list everyone's photo's here - they are all so lovely, each and every one, of course it would be impossible. So a little summary and please check out everyone's yellows here!  Looking forward to Tuesday's pinks!  Click here for the entire week's colour schedule and guidelines. Feel free to join in anytime if you missed today - or can't join another day - any day is great!  The more the merrier!  If you do wish to share your blog posts or images, I've also created a hashtag if you wish to use it on twitter.

Row 1: girlhula, GREY LEMON, girlhula, GREY LEMON, Janis Nicolay, skirt_as_top
Row 2: Cozy Memories, jek in the box, knitalatte11, PlavoNeboZutiKamen, LOLren, ♥anna
Row 3: boo21smom, sushipot, gwen, painted fish studio, boo21smom, knitalatte11
Row 4: Mundo Flo, Mundo Flo, this is my normal volume level, leahgiberson, Ariadnesky, jek in the box
Row 5: saganaga, Heidi Marling 2, Lizzie Staley, creatocrat, sarahkwallace, leahgiberson
Row 6: sarahkwallace, 74 Lime Lane, jennyndesign, jennyndesign, jennyndesign, wilme1

Jan Halvarson


Claire M. said...

I love the photos!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much Jan, can't get enough of your color weeks :D oxox

Anonymous said...

wow! I wanna join too!!

nest full of eggs said...

i sure have been enjoying your colour weeks ~ they have inspired me & pushed me with photography
btw, thanks for adding one of my yellow photos :)

Lauren said...

I loved colors week the last go-around...and had just missed it all by a day that time! Thanks so much for showing one of my photos. These yellows are so sunny and cheerful.

kristin said...

thanks so much for including my photo! what lovely sunny yellows!

Ariadne said...

Thank you for picking my photo as your favourite!
The special thing about this photo is that it shows the yellow rose from the rose bush that my son gave me on Mother's Day years ago and it is still thriving!AriadnefromGreece!

Boo21's Mom said...

I am THRILLED! to have my photos chosen! Thank you.