Summary Wednesday's Blues

Row 1:  orangesparrow, Ariadnesky, Ariadnesky, LOLren, Sabra Smith, agrippinamaior
Row 2: mrsjink, mrsjink, girlhula, girlhula, gwen, sarahkwallace
Row 3: JustyCinMD, RipeToday, leahgiberson, manifeisty, smoothpebble, mrsjink
Row 4: sarahkwallace, sarahkwallace, Janis Nicolay, Janis Nicolay, orangesparrow,  KJBehavior

Jan Halvarson


La chica said...

Azul, nunca me canso del azul.

Unknown said...

Lovely blues!
I have a 4th of July giveaway on my blog:

Emma Burgess said...

Love those blues! Have a great weekend. Emma.

orangesparrow said...


And thank you so much for choosing 2 of my blue photos! wow!!

Debra (manifeisty) said...

What a treat to see my photo up there with all those gorgeous images. Yay for summer blues!

Ariadne said...

I am so glad I have two photos that you liked!Thank you!